A Responsive CV

With a little under two weeks left until I get the overall mark for my degree, I decided to flex my design muscles and attempt to put together a nice one page, responsive CV/resume: and here is the result!

For those who can’t resize the window right now, see all the various breakpoints here.

I’ve been meaning to use some sort of HTML5 boilerplate for a while, but most seem so heavy or excessive for something like this. That was until I came across Skeleton, a stripped down starting point that was just what I needed. My favourite feature is the grid system is kept entirely separate from the reset/base CSS file (which I in fact dropped), meaning you have all the fun with a frankly awesome grid system without having to deal with inheriting unwanted styles. The naming a nice touch, allowing class combinations such as ten columns offset-by-two, and the default media query holders were such a great help, covering pretty much every base I needed.

Now to start sending this out! And to convert it to a PDF format for those damn recruiters who enjoy the old school.

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